Children's Classes


At Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts, our beginning children are taught basic skills in our exclusive Karate Kids program. Kids who participate in our martial arts program enjoy a thorough training course that emphasizes character-building qualities such as focus, attention, following instructions, and group participation. Our win/succeed approach promotes self-esteem and confidence. In our younger classes physical skills are taught without memorization. As children gain confidence and progress through the program skills are increasingly memorized and new more dynamic elements are added as individual skill level dictate.



Children Ages 4 - 6

Our entry level Tiny Tigers program is for children aged 4 - 6 years old. Tiny Tigers is a fun and innovative program which helps build confidence, self esteem and character in our youngest martial artists.We provide a structured environment  to expose our little tigers to rules and instruction, and we help to develop their gross motor skills, balance and control of their body. They learn important social skills relating to honor, respect  and courtesy, as well as stranger awareness. At this age  they emulate our basic fundamentals.

When students begin to demonstrate retention of the curriculum and are ready for new challenges, and move on to the Tonbo and Advanced Tonbo programs. The Tonbo program builds on the basics from the Tiny Tigers and develops motor skills, personal growth, and good training habits. Tonbo is Japanese for Dragonfly, the “winning insect” in Samurai culture and a favorite theme around Pacific Coast Academy.

The number of months spent in the Beginning Tonbo program also varies with children’s own pace of development. Duration of the Beginning Tonbo program typically ranges from 6 to 12 months.

Pacific Coast Academy of Martial arts, is the only school in the Los Gatos area to have our benchmark Tonbo and advanced Tonbo curriculum intended for kids in the age group who have developed their attention skills and are ready for greater physical challenges.


Children Ages 7 - 14

Our Key Hong Ku, Karate kids is another entry level program for kids aged 7 - 14. This first year program has the purpose of teaching our traditional and fundamental skills. Basic Karate teaches kicking, punching, blocking and strikes. Ju Jitsu teaches evasion tumbling falling and much more.

After Karate kids our young martial artist are elevated to our hallmark black belt club program. this is a comprehensive program that cannot be found anywhere else. As student progress to learn Kenpo Ju Jitsu and are exposed to Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu, Kumite style sparring and Eskrima.

Graduates of the black belt club can continue to grow in the advanced childrens classes. With a strong basis in physical skills, movement and training discipline, Jokyu students spend three years learning the adult curriculum of Ken Ju Ryu - Kenpo Ju Jitsu and recieve an adult, Shodan 1st degree black belt from Shihan Russ Rhodes. In addition Jokyu training includes elements of Ju Jitsu and other various weapon arts.


Young Adults 15 - 17

You adults aged 15 to 17 who have the stature and the maturity to participate in setting structured for adults can start in a basic adult class