Pacific Coast Academy is known for our own martial arts system, Ken Ju Ryu, a synergistic, balanced blend of Hawaiian Kenpo Karate and Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu. The combination of the two art forms is very well rounded giving you hard and soft philosophies. They include percussion arts, kicking and punching, as well as throws, grappling, and joint manipulations.


Shihanke Russell Rhodes, and Dai Shihan Professor Sig Kufferath jointly conceived and developed Ken Ju Ryu. Ken Ju Ryu is an innovative and dynamic art form. Ken Ju Ryu is a system that was created by blending Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu with Kenpo Ju Jitsu.

Other arts that have been incorporated into Ken Ju Ryu such as Suro Mike Inay’s Inayan Eskrima and other traditional art forms.

Ken Ju Ryu is an explosive and percussive style that  is used to subdue opponents utilizing kicks, strikes and punches, throws, joint manipulations and chokes. In addition Ken Ju Ryu incorporates the mastery of weapons, and defense against firearms  which culminates in a perfect balance of the martial arts which is modern efficient and extremely lethal.


These techniques are designed to teach elementary through advanced martial arts "equations." That is, each technique employs a series of strikes, blocks, take downs, kicks or submission holds that all work together.


Carefully combining elements of Kenpo and Ju Jitsu art forms does have great value: it teaches the student the natural balance, synergy, and flow of hundreds of diverse techniques. It creates a predictable, safe method for students to practice effective techniques. The combined techniques are also more challenging and interesting to learn, keeping student interest and motivation high.


Invariably during martial arts tests a defender is surprised when the attacker unintentionally throws an unexpected punch, kick or other attack. This is often the best way to judge the defender: how did he/she deal with the attack - by modifying the technique? By unleashing a barrage of "anything that works" (with convincing control and effectively)? If the defender reacts effectively, without pause, the defender has truly grasped the underlying principles of training with choreographed self-defense techniques.

Shihanke Russell Rhodes is the current Soke, Shihanke (head of the system) and inheritor of the Ken Ju Ryu system, holds a 10th dan in the art.

Ken Ju Ryu takes the best techniques from both arts and blends them to create a new and dynamic art. This new technology has became a force in the martial arts world, dominating the tournament circuit and seminars. Professor Kufferath dominated events and tournaments utilizing the Ken Ju Ryu system helping him beating black belt opponents half his age

For the last fifteen years of his life, Professor Kufferath dedicated all of his energy and efforts into developing this amazing new art form,  in honor of his teacher Shihanke Rhodes has dedicated his life to following professor Kufferath’s teachings in both Ken Ju Ryu and Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu