• Pacific Coast AcademyWe offer both children's and adult classes beginning from the ages of four years old upwards. Pacific Coast Academy is an envoironment of positivity and success where we "build confidence through achievement”. We honor Martial Arts traditions that go back centuries, but we are dynamic and are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to enthuse and excite our students.
  • Children's ClassesWe have classes for Children from 4 years old through until 18. Our classes are designed to excited our young martial artists while challenging them and preparting them for the challenges that lay ahead
  • Adult ClassesPacific Coast Academy offers many adult classes at times to suit your schedule. Our adult clasess include Ken Ju Ryu, Kenpo Ju Jitsu - Danzan Ryu JuJitsu - Toyamaru & Eskrima
  • Our LineageWe are extremely proud of our lineage which is a pure line from the creator of the Danzan Ryu system to our present day organization. Our chief instructor and head of the Ken Ju Ryu system is Shihanke Russell Rhodes.
  • Our SchoolThe Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts dojo (or school) is a modern, state of the art training facility that is entirely unique and sets the standard for martial arts training in the 21st century.
  • http://wowslider.com/Social Media Follow Pacific Coast Acadmey on Facebook and find us on YouTube. On our YouTube channel you will find many video classes by Shihan Russ Rhodes in a multitude of topics that cover Ken Ju Ryu, Danzan Ryu and other martial arts. You will see techniques performed in their orignal and pure forms as well as many blends and variations - check us out, there is something for everyone!
  • Visit UsWe always like to welcome visitors to our Dojo. We are conveniently located in Los Gatos, California, close to many of the area's main highways to serve the Bay Area, including Los Gatos, San Jose and the surrounding towns.
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Our Instructors


At Pacific Coast Academy we pride ourselves in our lineage and the combined experience of our instructors - over 100 years!

Pacific Coast Academy was founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal attention, and tradition, while providing children and adults with the most complete and effective methods to reach their full potential.


All of Pacific Coast's instructors have trained and qualified under Shihan Russ Rhodes and are personally selected, not only for their martial arts skills, but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages. Although our techniques are based on knowledge centuries old, our innovative application of that knowledge sets Pacific Coast Academy apart from the other schools. At Pacific Coast Academy we not only teach our young students the percussion arts (kicking & punching), but we also include Ukime (falls & rolls) and Grappling (ground work). We realize that each student possesses different physical abilities. Size and strength varies with each individual.  Therefore, once a student has acquired a strong foundation, we will progress to more challenging material within their skill level.


From our youngest students in our Tiny Tiger and Tonbo programs to our Adult black belt programs, our teachers are dedicated to helping you succeed in the arts.


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Shihan Russ Rhodes

Kyoshi Jerry Donnard


Sensei Evan Sweeney